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California Cruising September 2017 PDF Print E-mail

SEPTEMBER 23rd -OCTOBER 1st 2017 


9 Days / 8 Nights

A 'Guided Adventure' through the varying terrain of western USA to witness some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. 

The Adventure
Since 2007, we’ve been running this wonderful tour through California USA, one of the most awe inspiring destinations on the planet.

The tour is designed with scenic rural driving in mind with plenty of down time to savour the magnificence of each of our carefully chosen hotel locations.

You can get a flavour of the tour by watching the video below!

Driving Adventures California 2010 Promo
Click image to play the video

Exclusive Guided Tour System

We don’t subscribe to the rather archaic system of “here’s some directions, see you at the hotel tonight”. To ensure you enjoy the ultimate in stress free touring all cars on this tour will be fitted with our premium GPS Satellite Navigation units.

Our detailed and pre driven routes are loaded onto the units, you just have to select which day you are on and let the system guide you while enjoying the open road at YOUR pace. Even the petrol stops are pre loaded! 

All customers on this tour will enjoy the use of powerful licensed two way radios – these units are 8 times more powerful than the usual high street walkie-talkies and provide a method for the group to communicate with each other during the day.

Each car has a travel pack which includes – itinerary - summery route for each day – suggested lunch stop – petrol stops – hotel and local information including emergency numbers. 

2 staff from Driving Adventures will be on this tour to provide support throughout the duration of the trip 

The trip in more detail:

Day 1
Saturday 23rd September, 2017 – Fly from London to San Francisco
For those who choose the same outward flight as us, we’ll meet at our pre determined check-in point at Heathrow, London to take our direct flight to San Francisco.

You are of course free to fly out from where and when you choose to meet us at San Francisco.

We will arrive in San Francisco by mid afternoon, collect our pre-booked Corvettes from the airport then take a 4 mile drive to arrive at our 4* hotel which we’ve booked on a B&B basis.

The hotel has various eateries to choose from including a fine dining restaurant and a sports bar / restaurant. We are near the waterfront and there are other nearby food options should you decide to venture away from the hotel.

Day 2
Sunday 24th September, 2017 – San Francisco to Lake Tahoe (275 miles)

In the morning we’ll get everyone set up with their pre loaded sat nav units and two way radios and make sure you’ve all you need for the incredible adventure which lies ahead.

Once in the hot seat of your Corvette, we’ll head north and take you over one of the most famous land marks in California, the staggering Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – what a way to start the day!

It’s then time to drive around San Pablo Bay and head east. This is an appropriately easy drive to get you acquainted with the 430 horses under your right foot.

By late morning we’ll change direction, get off the main route and head towards the much more interesting and challenging roads found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Our lunch stop is in a real throw-back American town where it’s rare to travel up its main street and not see a collection of old Harley Davidson motorcycles lined up in anticipation of some scenic mountain riding.

The afternoon route will really give you the opportunity to enjoy your “new” car as we snake through the spectacular scenery of the “Sierra’s” before tracing the shores at 6,000 feet around the world famous Lake Tahoe. The route section around Lake Tahoe is truly spectacular and includes the amazing Emerald Bay.

Our extremely nice 4* resort club hotel is located in Heavenly Village next to one of the fastest gondolas in the U.S. and is in the perfect spot to explore this playground for the rich and famous commonly known as the “California Alps”. We’re also a five minute walk from the Nevada state line where you can try your hand in some of the most glamorous Casinos outside of  Las Vegas.

For our stay, we’ve upgraded the rooms so you’ll enjoy a large bedroom with a separate living, dining and kitchen area. The hotel facilities also include valet parking, a gym and large outdoor heated swimming pool with hot tubs.

Day 3
Monday 25th September, 2017 (140 miles) – Lake Tahoe to near Yosemite National Park

Today is sure to be a driving experience you will never forget!
Utilising a magnificent “pass” to lead us away from the south shores of Lake Tahoe, you’ll really appreciate being in a sports car as we wind our way through miles of stunning mountain terrain.

Later we’ll take in the unusually intriguing views near Mono Lake and the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada’s before descending to our very remote scenic lunch stop which we’ll use for our overnight stay.

Utilising wood cabins, this is a perfect spot to chill out for the afternoon and evening.

Day 4
Tuesday 26th September, 2017 (160 miles) – Near YNP to Yosemite National Park

The morning route starts with a visual treat from the get go to guide us to one of America’s greatest natural treasures, Yosemite National Park. We’ll enter the park at 10,000 feet, that’s 1,000 higher than the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy!

We’ll enjoy a morning of relaxed scenic driving in Yosemite before using a character restaurant for our lunch nestled in the foothills of the park.

Our afternoon journey involves departing from the main route to utilise an excellent sequence on undulating, good quality roads, but not even the excitement of these challenging ribbons of tarmac will prepare you for the awesome views awaiting. We’ll spend some here to soak up the visual magnificence of this stunning location.

Our imposing 4* Park hotel for the night sits 1 mile above sea level within its own 35 acre natural reserve. It enjoys excellent facilities including valet parking, a restaurant, bar and grill, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, sauna, steam rooms and a gym.

Day 5
Wednesday 27th September, 2017 (140 miles) – Yosemite to Sequoia National Park

The morning route from the hotel can only be described as a rollercoaster ride being endless snaking turns on very well maintained roads making for a mountain descent that will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

Once out of this mountain area we’ll use some really remote roads we’ve found to guide us to our next mountain segment. Although still in the High Sierras, we’ll explore roads which although gifted with many scenic backdrops, are much less known of by tourists so you can expect to little traffic.

The route takes in some really incredible roads and scenery before entering Kings Canyon National Park which we’ll slice through to continue the rollercoaster ride as we break into Sequoia National Park and enjoy yet another stunning sequence of roads to guide us to our hotel, regarded as the best in the area.

We’ll arrive here for lunch so you'll have the afternoon to either relax or we’d recommend venturing off on foot into the surrounding wilderness on one of the marked trails.

On site is an excellent restaurant with towering windows to ensure you can always enjoy those stunning forest views. There is also a bar area and lounge.

As usual we’ve booked the accommodation on a B&B basis to give you as much choice as possible.

Day 6
Thursday 28th September, 2017 (295 miles) – Sequoia National Park to Carmel

After enjoying days in the high Sierras, it's time to head west in search of the Californian coast. The day starts off by driving on roads you’re more likely to associate with the Alps long before you’d  ever think you were in America but stunning, twisty and, all American they are!

70 miles later we’ll actually embark on roads that the U.S. is perhaps better known for – straights ones! But fortunately we’ll still have some very nice scenery to take in along the way as we work our way across State.

However, don’t get used to not using your steering wheel for too long as we’ll soon be approaching one of the most famous stretches of road in the world – the Pacific Coast Highway.

We use a very picturesque beachfront restaurant as our lunch stop before embarking on our coastal drive.

The backdrop to this route will be a stark contrast to the terrain you’ve experienced over the past week. Hugging the cliffs of the Californian shoreline, we’ll travel 100 very memorable miles made infamous by their wealth of dramatic and beautiful cliff top ocean views.

After experiencing one of the most scenic drives you’ll ever likely to encounter, we’ll arrive at our character hotel nestled in the backstreets of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

This will be your home for the next 2 nights with accommodation booked on a bed and breakfast basis.

There are many restaurants in Carmel so you will be spoilt for choice when you decide to venture away from the hotel.

Day 7
Friday 29th September, 2017 – REST DAY with OPTIONAL DRIVE

There’s plenty to see in this town where Clint Eastwood was once mayor. Take a walk along the beach and see some of the incredible ocean front homes. For shopaholics it doesn’t get much better than this.

There are hundreds of privately owned shops and boutiques, many high quality galleries and of course a great choice of restaurants and bars.

Optional Drive - If you want to get back in your car for some scenic driving, why not take our optional 30 mile drive along the Monterey Bay Peninsula, through Pebble Beach on the “17 mile drive” followed by a scenic drive along the beach front of Carmel-by-the-Sea. This really is a beautiful drive so well worth allocating an hour of your day to do it.

Other options using the car include driving to nearby Monterey for a visit to Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and of course the historic old town of Monterey. You may also decide to revisit the Big Sur coastline we used to get to Carmel and even go as far as Hearst Castle which is truly a one off experience.

Day 8
Saturday 30th September, 2017 (130 miles)

This is the day you won’t be looking forward to – going home and leaving sunny California behind you.

However, our adventure isn’t over yet as we continue our scenic route along the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy those coastal views and roads one more time – about 70 miles of them!

We’ll drop off our cars early afternoon in plenty of time to catch our flights back to the UK.

This really is a wonderful tour, and some of those who have enjoyed it with us previously have chosen to stay on and explore San Francisco and revisit the wonderful coastline so please do consider an extended stay if your time alloys.

Day 9
Sunday 1st October, 2017 – Heathrow Arrival

Our overnight flight will arrive in the morning so it will be time to say our farewells after what will be one of the most amazing journeys of your life.

If you were to only ever go on one driving holiday, this should be it!

Staying in fantastic hotels, driving on stunning roads through some of  the world’s most renowned locations…. see you at Heathrow on the 27th September!

SEPTEMBER 23rd - OCTOBER 1st, 2017


9 Days / 8 Nights

23 SEP
VS019+ 11:35+
Near San Francisco
4* H 
24 SEP
Lake Tahoe
4* BH
25 SEP


Sierra Nevada
3* CA
4 TUE 26 SEP DRIVE 160 10:00 17:00 Yosemite National Park 4* H
5 WED 27 SEP DRIVE 140 10:00 13:30 Sequoia National Park 4* H
6 THU 28 SEP DRIVE 295 09:00 17:00 Carmel 4* BH
7 FRI 29 SEP Optional - N/A N/A Carmel 4* BH
8 SAT 30 SEP DRIVE 130 09:00 13:30 San Francisco N/A
FLY 0 VS042+ 21:25+ In Flight San Francisco to London In Flight
9 SUN 1 OCT HOME VS042+ In Flight 16:05+ N/A
Miles 1140


      + Subject to change  
Total 1170
9 nights | 8 days 

A Guided Adventure
Hotels - Nights = 3 x 4*, 3 x 4*BH, 1 x 3*H N/A
6 Nights B&B, 1 x RO, 1 night In Flight Meal Potentially required but not included in price.
Free Sat Nav & Radio hire N/A
KEY  B&B = Bed & Breakfast | D,B&B = Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
C = Castle | CH = Chateau | H = Hotel | M = Manor House | BH = Boutique Hotel | CA = Cabin

Country Codes
AT = Austria | BE = Belgium | FR = France | DE = Germany | IT = Italy | LU = Luxembourg
MC = Monaco | CH = Switzerland | GB = United Kingdom | US = United States of America
All times of arrival are estimated on normal road and traffic conditions and include assumed lunch stops of 1 1/2 hours (3 hours on Day 4 to include ski lifts) and additional 30 minute breaks at the petrol stops. 


*7 nights of accommodation 
   6 x B&B, 1 x room only
   6 of 4* / 1 of 3*

* Car Hire

* Information packs

* Pre programmed Sat Navs with daily 
   routes (T&C’s apply).

* Powerful two way radios

* Lead vehicle with tour guides

* Other sports cars can be 
   arranged subject to availability and 
   costs. Please contact us to discuss 
   your requirements.

* Petrol

* Tolls

* Lunch, dinner and drinks etc.

* Travel Insurance

* Visa Waiver Program 'ESTA' 
   Electronic System for Travel 
   Authorization $14.00 - Application.

* Visas if required.
   You are required by law to have the
   correct Visa and be eligible for entry 
   to the United States.

   Visa Information

* International flights to San


*£ Prices will be announced shortly

  * Total Mileage:-
   Excluding optional drives 1,140
   Including optional drives 1,170 

   These do not include any additional 
   miles you may undertake.

* Cars:- 
   Minimum 7 
   Maximum 15



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