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David & Ali:
"I must apologise for the delay in sending out my heart felt thanks to you all for a really fantastic and memorable driving experience. 
Alison and I are still talking about the trip and look forward to another adventure next year all being well.

Our thanks to Darren & Graham for your all the hard work before, during and after, not an easy task I'm sure, thank you it was amazing. 
Looking forward to seeing your pictures. 

Craig Blake:
Thanks for a great trip, once again you really surprised and surpassed all expectations on finding some great roads.
Thanks again and hope-fully see you guys soon, if not we will talk about the trip next year soon.

Suzanne and Duncan:
"As always - great roads and scenery, great hotels and food, and the best company. 
I know it has been said before but the people are what make these trips so enjoyable, so a huge thanks to everyone who made this such a great trip."

Bob & Kate Meier:
"What an amazing and eventful trip in Germany/Austria. 
Never having done such an extensive driving experience before, I was a little apprehensive. 
Kate and I fully enjoyed ourselves with some amazing roads, amazing scenery and amazing people. 
We laughed loads and generally had a great time. Roll on next year."

Frazer & Juanita:
"A quick note to say thanks to you both for putting together a terrific tour. 
I'd just like to say how clear it was to us that you'd taken into account feedback from previous trips when you devised this one.

Sarah & Mandy (aka Hinge & Bracket!) & Iain in the stealth cerb:
"I’m e-mailing to say a huge thank you for yet another successful trip to some fantastic places and on some awesome roads.
As always, the scenery and driving was matched only by the company and the banter. It’s easy to take for granted the hard work that goes into organising and running these trips but you all did another sterling job.

My only complaint is that you have made the day job seem very dull indeed!! 
Cheers for a fantastic trip, and roll on the next one!"

Evan Purser:
I just wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing adventure.
When I first emailed Darren, I was very hesitant about bringing my grandmother along. And I was hesitant for myself - having never done a driving tour before, and knowing that I was going to be with some serious drivers, and some cars that were a lot more competent than my own. I wondered if I'd have issues keeping up, or if grandmother could tolerate the pace, the miles, and the people. 

I took the plunge, and as fate would have it, I obviously made the right choice. We had an amazing time. My grandmother loved spending time with all of you, and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for her - from opening doors, saving seats, helping with food plates, and just sitting down to chat. It meant the world to her, and to me. 

When we met Saturday a week ago, I was hesitant, a bit reserved, and definitely nervous. By day two - all of my fears had been put aside. 

The roads and the trip were great - with some truly stunning views. But what made this trip were the people. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

It's hard to believe that a short nine days later, as we departed, I was truly sad. 

Thanks for being part of an amazing experience, and I look forward to seeing all of you again. If you're ever in the US, our would like to visit, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

To great roads, and great people!!

Chas Whitaker
"This is just a shortish e-mail, wearing my Racing Green Cars (RGC) hat, to say thank you to Darren and Graham of Driving Adventures for organizing a really good third trip for RGC.
I think we all had a very good time and, once we have got over the jet lag from yesterday’s return to Blighty, will look back in awe at what we actually experienced.
We saw some fabulous sights, had some great driving, stayed in some lovely places, enjoyed great food and – most importantly – had some wonderful company.

Janine Collier:
"We have just come back from another organised tour, which was like a 'Mickey Mouse Adventure' compared to what we experienced with you two.

Once again, many thanks for a fabulous time and can't wait to go on another one with you."

Andy Holmes:
"Many thanks for all the hard work that went into making the trip such good fun. 
I would certainly recommend you to any sports car owners I know and would do one again."

Richard Mason:
"Thanks once again for a spectacular trip, we both enjoyed ourselves immensely!
I can't think of any ways you could improve it at the moment but if anything comes to mind I'll let you know!

Keep me up to date with details of the French Riviera trip, it sounds fantastic."

Leigh-Anne Hart:
"We both really enjoyed our holiday, it was fantastic even if we did get ourselves a little lost on our last day. 

Looking back now it was definitely the best thing we have ever done and will definitely be joining you again for another adventure."

Mark & Sal:
"Just give us the bloody dates and we'll give you the money.
Really depressed post holiday blues couple, It was fantastic"

Rob Hicks:
"Hope you guys got back safely in the end and did not have too long to wait for the rest to get back via the tunnel!

This is just a very quick note to say thank you for making our first 'Driving Adventure' a real adventure. Driving across to Dover last week I think it is fair to say Jo and I felt slightly apprehensive, certainly a trip that would be far more suited to myself than Jo. 

Even then I was not 100% sure we were doing the right thing. How wrong could we be. 
This trip will be remembered by us both as one of the best holidays ever had. 

I do have a problem with working too much and never switching off (according to Jo), but as Graham mentioned this happened this holiday, the first time in 16 years... What a shock today has been to the system, it has never been so difficult to go back to work.

I really do hope that this business continues to work well for you both, I will be recommending your company to everyone I think would enjoy what you offer.

Again thank you both, I think by reading some of the e-mails I have had from the people on the trip you will have some bookings for next year!"

Lyn and Dave Barnett: 
"Just a quick note to say thanks. We really enjoyed the trip and we will do another with you sometime so please let us know what youre up to in the future, we met some great people on the trip and we are planning to stay in touch.

We wish you every success in your adventures and we hope to join you again for another trip in the future."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday ... I was all weepy and emotional when I got home. 
I miss everyone and those fab roads so much .. I want to go back NOW! 
I keep having mountain pass flashbacks and giggle attacks.
Thanks again for a fabulous trip."

Dee and Chas:
"Thank you very much for organising such an enjoyable driving adventure. We really enjoyed the whole experience."

Martin Lambert: 
"Thank you for all the work you and Graham put in to make the Porsche trip so Enjoyable. 
My brother and I had a brill time and we look forward to meeting up with you all again."


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