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Luxury French Riviera 2018 PDF Print E-mail

June 4th (Monday) – June 12th (Tuesday) 2018


8 Nights / 9 Days

A 'Guided Adventure' through the many varied terrains of France including crossing the breathtaking Millau Viaduct, carving our way through two incredible gorges and winding through the Alps with three nights in one of Europe’s most glamorous destinations, Monaco.  

The Trip
Our 2018 spring trip is sure to be a special one bringing together a mix of routes and luxury 4* and 5* hotels from the past twelve years combined with new routes and hotels to mix it up for all of those who keep returning to this tour year after year.

Exclusive Guided Tour System

To ensure you enjoy the ultimate in stress free touring all cars on this tour will use our premium GPS Satellite Navigation units.
Our detailed and pre driven routes are loaded onto the units, you just have to select which day you are on and let the system guide you while enjoying the open road at YOUR pace. Even the petrol stops are pre-loaded!  

All customers on this tour will enjoy the use of powerful licensed two way radios – these units are 8 times more powerful than the usual high street walkie-talkies and provide a method for the group to communicate with each other during the day.

Each car has a travel pack which includes – itinerary - summery route for each day – suggested lunch stop – petrol stops – hotel and local information including emergency numbers. 

Staff from Driving Adventures will be on this tour to provide support throughout the duration of the trip.  

The trip in more detail:

Monday 4th June  2018. Calais to near Reims, France (215 miles)  

We’ll take the morning Eurotunnel crossing from Folkestone to Calais then avoid the motorway all day as we set off along the French coastline before heading inland to our Chateau near on the borders of the Champagne region. 

Our 5* Chateau for the evening is simply breath taking and is set within substantial grounds. A special place for sure to enjoy our first night together and share in the anticipation of the adventure ahead.

To enjoy this Chateau at its best, we’ve taken the liberty of booking it to include dinner.

Day 2
Tuesday 5th June 2018. Near Reims to near Clermont Ferrand, France (280 miles)

The object of today is to clear some mileage to place us in the southern region of France but still arrive in good time at our wonderful 4* chateau.

The majority of the route is rural enjoying the wide expanse of the French countryside. Although there are no headline roads associated with the gorge and alpine driving later in this tour, these very quiet rural routes offer a unique blend of driving experience very different from UK driving.

For lunch we’ll detour to the banks of the River Loire.

Our magnificent 4* chateau set in the Auverge region of France, is remotely located hence we’ve booked it to include dinner and has all the facilities one would expect to allow you to relax after a full day behind the wheel.

Those facilities include a bar, panoramic terrace as well indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Day 3
Wednesday 6th June 2018. Near Clermont Ferrand to Gorge near Millau, France (270 miles)

The day starts with a wonderful 140 mile cross country drive snaking through the undulating terrain of the Auverge region guiding us to our scenic lunch spot. By design we then use an unusually enjoyable section of Autoroute to take us south.

Mid-afternoon takes in an experience you’re sure to never forget, one of France’s most recognisable sights, the Millau Bridge. Stretching over the Gorge Du Tarn in the Massif Central and reaching up to 300 metres (984 ft), it’s taller than the Eiffel Tower!

Not even the picture on this tour page can prepare you for the real life experience of seeing this engineering marvel for yourself.

Then it’s time for an incredible drive as we take in the amazing scenery of a nearby Gorge to lead us to our Chateau, a new addition to this year’s tour.

This luxury 4* Chateau hotel has been on our wish list to use for many years and with the new routes brought in this year, it allows us to do exactly that.

Once again, owing to its remote location, we have booked this evening to include dinner.

Day 4
Thursday 7th June 2018. Gorge to Monaco (280 miles)

Used by the likes of Top Gear and many motoring journalists, this morning is a wonderful driving experience

It sees out the remainder of our gorge run before enjoying an eclectic mix of scenery and roads that this varied route offers up.

One client after experiencing the wide open roads of a section within a national park, declared it “the drive of my life”.

After a morning enjoying some of the most incredible terrain the Massif Central has to offer we’ll stop off for lunch before using the Autoroute to clear some mileage and lead us to our hotel on the beachfront of Monacco.

We are using a beautiful luxury hotel to enjoy our stay in Monaco. It is close enough to walk into the heart of Monte Carlo while also remote enough to enjoy its vast outdoor pool areas in privacy for those moments when relaxation is top of the agenda. Something for everyone.

Our three nights here are book on a Bed and Breakfast basis to allow you the choice of venue for your evening meals. Importantly it includes secure parking for our group.

Day 5
Friday 8th June 2018. Rest day

We suggest a day of rest, leave the car parked up and enjoy our amazing hotel and venture into Monaco on foot.
For those who want to get in the car, then there are plenty of options including Nice, Cannes or maybe a tunnel run into Italy.

Day 6
Saturday 9th June 2018. Optional Drive – Col De Turini (80 miles)

For our second day in Monaco there will be an optional morning drive which will take in the infamous Col De Turini rally route. Although only 80 miles, it is a very intense route so will take us a few hours to cover allowing you the afternoon to enjoy Monaco for the final time.

Day 7
Sunday 10th June 2018 Monaco to near Gap, France (220 miles)  

Today is a unquestionably one of the most memorable driving experiences of the tour and for this year there are some brand new routes.

We will still enjoy the wonderful roads and scenery offered by Route Napoleon and the staggering Gorges Du Verdon but additionally, new for this year, we will take in a serious of roads some motoring journalists consider to be the best anywhere in Europe.  

Our lunch stop will be in a remote spot of the Gorges Du Verdon. Our 4* hotel for the evening is new for this year. Located in a sleepy village, it has welcomed various car clubs over the years and put us in just the right spot to venture into the French Alps the following morning.

We have booked this accommodation to include dinner.

Day 8
Monday 11th June 2018. Near Gap to near Dijon, France (320 miles)

The morning route enjoys quiet sections of ribboned tarmac with snow-capped alpine mountains as a stunning backdrop demonstrating just how varied the roads and terrain are on this French Riviera tour.

We’ll stop at a lake side town for lunch before getting back into high gear to cover some mileage utilising the efficient Autoroute network to guide us to our overnight stop located near Dijon, the capital of Burgundy.

We’ll certainly see off the tour in style using a stunning luxury 4* chateau, unquestionably one of the nicest in the region. Set within very impressive grounds this is the perfect venue to rest up and reflect on this truly incredible tour.

Owing to its remote location and to enjoy the last night of the tour together, this evening includes dinner.

Day 9
Tuesday 12th June 2018. Near Dijon to Calais, France (365 miles)

Our last day but don’t think that means it’s just mile eating motorways to endure.

We’ll start with a wonderful 80 mile cross country route to guide us through rural France before using the Autoroute to take us to our lunch stop on the outskirts of Reims. For those who haven’t visited it, the old Grand Prix pits are just around the corner. After lunch we’ll head north to catch our afternoon Eurotunnel crossing back to Folkestone.

Upon arriving back in the England we’ll bid farewell as we all slip back into the grim reality of driving on our less than inspiring motorway network to lead us all home

Until next time……


Nick Whale Sports Cars

June 4th (Monday) – June 12th (Tuesday) 2018


8 Nights / 9 Days

04 JUN
Near Reims, FR
5* CH
05 JUN
Nr Clermont Ferrand, FR
4* CH


Gorge nr Millau, FR
4* CH
07 JUN
Monaco, MC
4* H
08 JUN


Monaco, MC
4* H
09 JUN
09:00 13:00
Monaco, MC
4* H
10 JUN
09:00 17:00 Nr Gap, FR 
 4* H

11 JUN



09:00 17:00 Near Dijon, FR

4* CH


12 JUN

DRIVE 365 17:20 09:00




8 nights | 9 days 

A Guided Adventure
Hotels - 7 x 4*| 1 x 5* Return Eurotunnel
3 Nights B&B | 5 Night D,B&B No flights  
Free Sat Nav & Radio hire No ferries
KEY  B&B = Bed & Breakfast | D,B&B = Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
C = Castle | CH = Chateau | H = Hotel | M = Manor House 

Country Codes
AT = Austria | BE = Belgium | FR = France | DE = Germany | IT = Italy | LU = Luxembourg
MC = Monaco | CH = Switzerland | GB = United Kingdom | US = United States of America
All times of arrival are estimated on normal road and traffic conditions and include assumed lunch stops of 1 1/2 hours and 30 minute breaks at the petrol stops. 


  *8 nights of accommodation
   (7 x 4* / 1 x 5*)

   *D,B&B 5 nights, B&B 3 nights

   *Return Folkestone to Calais 
   Eurotunnel crossing

   *Driving Adventures lead vehicle

   *Pre Programmed Sat Nav system 
   (powered by in car cigarette
    lighter)  T&C’s apply

   *Information packs

   *Powerful two way radios

   *Hotel parking charges
    (If applicable)

   *Dropbox facility for photo sharing 




   *Dinner (on days 4, 5, and 6) 

   *Drinks etc


   *£2,595 per person - based on 2
   people in 1 car sharing a twin/double

   *£2,335 per person - based on 2
   people in 1 car sharing a twin/double
   room if you’ve booked on a previous
   week long tour with Driving

   *£4,290 per person – based on 1
   person in 1 car in a single room.

   *£3,860 per person if you’ve booked
   on a previous week long tour with
   Driving Adventures.

   Please contact us for any variation
   on the above.

How To Pay 


  * Option 1
Standing order payments with final balance by 4th April, 2018.  

* Option 2
50% balance deposit when booking, 
   50% final balance due by the
   4th April, 2018.

   * Option 3
* Full payment at the time of booking.

*Total Mileage:- 
   Approx. 2030 Mile round trip
   starting from Calais

 *Pre Tour Inspection:- 
   (Not included in the package price) 
   We strongly recommend that your 
   car be subjected to a pre tour 
   inspection by your local service 
   centre so that you (and everyone 
   else) can travel in the comfort that 
   your car is in good shape for the 

   Minimum – 8
   Maximum – 12


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